# Quickstart

In this document we will explain what is Programaker and how can you use it to develop a basic Telegram bot.

# Programaker's main components

  • Backend: The core of Programaker.
  • Frontend: The web interface to interact with Programaker.
  • Bridges: External adapters which can connect Programaker with internet resources.

In a simple diagram, they are connected like this:

👤 User ↔️ 💻 Frontend ↔️ ⚙️ Backend ↔️ 📡 Bridges ↔️ 📜 External services

# Frontend

The Frontend (you can see it at PrograMaker.com (opens new window)) is the web you can see through the browser.

The Frontend takes programs and other information from the Backend and shows it on a website. With this, the user can create, modify or delete these programs on the browser.

# Backend

The Backend is the component that makes everything work, the core ⚙️. It runs the programs you build, remembers the important stuff and interconnects the bridges.

# Bridges

Bridges are small programs that connect the Backend to any service. These can be built by anyone (like a plugin) and are run from outside the Programaker servers.

These programs are simple intermediaries between the external services APIs (like Telegram, your favorite forecast service...) and the Backend. Its principal function is to translate the external protocols to Programaker's one and report to the Backend.

# Develop your first Programaker program

# Access Programaker

First, you need to create a account or login in https://programaker.com (opens new window). This is the Frontend.

# Access to programs edition section

Now, in the Programs section, press the Add one! button. This will create a new program and take you to the program's web editor.

# Rename the program.

Click the Rename button, in the pop-up write the program name (e.g., "The hello world program") and click Submit.

Now, let's build your program.

# Add the first code block.

The first thing your application will need is a hat block (scratch terminology (opens new window)), this type of blocks start the scratch programs.

To add one press the Show/Hide button on the left side of the screen to see the block list.

Click and drag the hat block with the text When received [/start] to the blank zone, it will be your first code block.

With this block the program is ready to respond to the telegram /start command.

# Add the second and last code block.

Add a second block, Respond [Hello], like the one before.

Click in the Hello text and write Hello world!.

# Run your new program.

Now press in the top menu the Start button. And that's all! your program is now active.

# Test the program.

In your Telegram client select the chat with PrograMaker's Bot (opens new window) and write /start. PrograMaker's Bot will answer you with a "Hello world!".

# Use the bot on groups

You can add the bot to another groups like you add another contact, the bot will answer all your /start messages in every group (as long as its present).

Now it's time for you to create your own Programaker program 😃